EU Cybersecurity – a Swiss Cheese that can be served as a Fondue?

An earlier article about asset restitution suggested the European Union (EU) takes its example from Switzerland. In cybersecurity, the EU's institutions appear to be very Swiss – but unfortunately in the sense of a Swiss cheese full of holes. The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has recently investigated the level of cybersecurity of the EU's... Continue Reading →

Exploring Europol – the agency’s reaction to its own limitations (Part 2)

A country’s location at the EU’s Southern and South-Eastern border is an important factor when it comes to smuggling. Naturally, migrant smuggling is much more common in these areas adjacent to non-EU states than in landlocked states and/or countries in Europe’s North. The importance of cooperation for information sharing Europol is reliant on information from... Continue Reading →

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