EUFINACCO workshop: 31 January-2 February, Deusto Law School, Bilbao

  • What does ‘accountability’ mean in the specific field of European Union financial management?
  • How is EU budget implementation held to account?
  • Which mechanisms operate to hold European public policies to budget accountability?
  • Which accountability breaches or institutional constrains do watchdog institutions face in practice?
  • Are these organs well equipped to cope with innovative financial instruments increasingly used by EU executive bodies?
  • How do accountability breaches impact on broader EU legitimacy and citizens’ trust?

The EUFINACCO UACES Collaborative Research Network kindly invites you to reflect and discuss these and other questions during its III EUFINACCO CRN Workshop, hosted by the Deusto Law School in Bilbao (31 January – 2 February), alongside researchers and practitioners from all across Europe.

This event will be the last activity organised by the EUFINACCO (Financial Accountability in the European Union) as UACES Collaborative Research Network. You can get a glimpse of our membership, activities and achievements over the 2015-2018 period and the conference programme here.

Attendance to the workshop is open and free; however, your registration is much appreciated in order to organise the smooth running of the event (feel free to contact derecho3[at] Academic queries should be addressed to the event organiser marialuisa.sanchez[at]

This event is generously funded by UACES, the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, and the Deusto Law School.

María-Luisa Sánchez-Barrueco

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