Second EUFINACCO workshop in Berlin

On 17-19 May 2017 the three co-convenors of EUFINACCO, Paul Stephenson (Maastricht University), Hartmut Aden (Berlin School of Economics and Law) and Maria Luisa Sanchez Barrueco (Deusto University) held the second of three workshops on financial accountability in the EU at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


The event brought together 18 researchers and practitioners, including staff of the European Parliament and European Court of Auditors, to explore EU budgetary accountability from a range of policy, institutional and conceptual perspectives. Academic institutions from 6 member states were represented: Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Luxembourg, Belgium and Spain.


EUFINACCO now has 25 members from various academic disciplines (political science, public policy, law, economics, sociology, history and criminology). The second workshop gave an opportunity for several PhD students and younger scholars to present their work, including Mechthild Herzog (University of Luxembourg), Emma van Gelder (University of Utrecht) and Napoleon Xanthoulis (Kings College London). Some novel topics were discussed including new financial tools such as EU Trust Funds and the role of EU enforcement authorities. Papers addressed the ECB, ECA, EP and Commission, as well as the UN and private actors.


The EUFINACCO event followed on from the first workshop held at Maastricht in May 2016. A third event for book authors will be held in Bilbao in Spring 2018. It is hoped to develop the EUFINACCO network and brand long-term via an application for funding.


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