Three network members publish in special issue on supranational activism

Two network members, Justyna Łacny and Paul Stephenson, have published research articles in the new special issue of the Journal of Contemporary European Research (Volume 13, Issue 2)  examining the supranational activism of EU institutions. The issue is co-edited by network member David Howarth.

Łacny, of the Polish Academy of Science, examines the case law of the Court of the Justice of the European Union and its role regarding the financial corrections imposed by the Commission on the Member States. Stephenson, of Maastricht University, explores the entrepreneurship of the European Court of Auditors in setting international audit standards and what it has meant for the institution over time.

The special issue, co-edited by David Howarth, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Luxembourg, is the result of a fruitful workshop held in Luxembourg in June 2016, organised with David’s co-editor, Mechthild Roos, also of the University of Luxembourg.

The joint introduction to the issue, entitled ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ sets the context for the 11 original research articles addressing 7 different bodies: European Parliament, European Commission, European Central Bank, European Court of Auditors, Court of the Justice of the European Union, Europol, Committee of the Regions, and the bureaucracies beyond.

All articles are freely accessible and can be downloaded here.


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