Second workshop, Berlin 17-19 May 2017

Following our first EUFINACCO workshop on financial accountability in the EU in May 2016 at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University, we are now seeking research papers in progress for our second workshop, which will take place in Berlin this spring at the Berlin School of Economics and Law on 17-19 May 2017.

Funds are available for travel and/or accommodation for some scholars with accepted paper proposals. Priority will be given to PhD candidates and young researchers.

Paper-givers should email their abstract of 300 words maximum (we do not expect full papers at this early stage) to one of the network coordinators: (Professor Hartmut Aden) or (Dr. Paul Stephenson) or (Dr. Maria-Luisa Sánchez Barrueco)

Background to the EUFINACCO Collaborative Research Network

EUFINACCO (Financial Accountability in the European Union) is acknowledged as a UACES collaborative research network for the period 2015-2018. We are a small (24) but growing network of scholars from various academic disciplines (political science, public policy, law, economics, sociology and criminology), all working on issues related to financial accountability in the EU. Our research interests converge at one point in that we are interested in the implementation and control of the EU budget, but increasingly also in other non-budgetary or part-budgetary financial mechanisms.

Issues of financial accountability may be approached from various perspectives, including, among others:

  • disciplinary perspectives: politics, law, public administration, finance, sociology
  • questions concerning accountability, legitimacy, transparency, scrutiny, risk, trust.
  • fields of practice such as auditing, taxation, accountancy and budgeting.
  • stages of the policy process, e.g. implementation and evaluation (ex ante / ex post).
  • institutions such as the European Court of Auditors, European Parliament (Budgetary Control), European Commission, Council, Anti-Fraud Office, European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, and EU agencies; plus national level institutions.
  • institutional issues of reform, roles, design, leadership, culture, ethics, learning.
  • financial instruments e.g. CAP, ERDF, Cohesion Policy, European Stability Mechanism and European Semester, European Financial Stability Mechanism.
  • policies from development and cohesion to CFSP and macro-economic governance.
  • analytical lenses such as multi-level governance and theories of integration, institutionalist theories, role theory, framing and discourse analysis.

All of the above fit in the scope of the EUFINACCO research network to the extent in so far as they are related in some way to the EU budget and its implementation or control. We aim to engage academics and researchers, including doctoral students, EU officials, policy practitioners and civil society, in our many debates and collaborative research projects.

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