Call for Papers in view of #UACES2016

Dear UACES members,

The EUFINACCO Collaborative Research Network invites paper proposals in view of putting forward 2-4 interconnected panels on “Financial Accountability in the European Union” at the forthcoming 46th Annual UACES Conference (QMUL, London, 5-7 September 2016).

The UACES deadline for submission is January 22; Therefore, we encourage potential contributors to contact before Sunday 17 January. Please find some detailed instructions below.

In order to simplify the task of panel organization and submission to UACES, we appreciate that you provide us with your full name, email address, affiliation, and keywords, along with your abstract (ca. 300 words).

Best wishes,

Hartmut Aden, María-Luisa Sánchez-Barrueco, Paul Stephenson

Background on EUFINACCO CRN

EUFINACCO (Financial Accountability in the European Union) is acknowledged asUACES collaborative research network for the period 2015-2018. We are a small (20) but growing network of scholars from various academic disciplines (political science, public policy, law, economics, sociology and criminology), all working on issues related to financial accountability in the EU.

Our respective research interests thus converge at one point: the implementation and control of the EU budget. Issues of financial accountability may be approached from various perspectives, including notably, but not exclusively, the following ones:

  • questions concerning accountability, legitimacy, transparency, democracy.
  • fields of practice such as auditing, taxation, accountancy and budgeting.
  • stages of the policy process such as implementation and evaluation (ex ante / ex post).
  • institutions such as the European Court of Auditors, European Parliament (Budgetary Control), European Commission, Anti-Fraud Office, European Central Bank.
  • institutional issues of reform, roles, design, leadership, culture, ethics, learning.
  • financial instruments such as the European Stability Mechanism and European Semester.
  • policy areas, from the CAP and Structural Funds to CFSP and economic governance.
  • analytical lenses such as multi-level governance and theories of integration.

Bear in mind, however, that a sufficient impact on the EU budget and its implementation or control is required for any of the abovementioned topics to fall within the scope of EUFINACCO.

We aim to engage academics and researchers, including doctoral students, EU officials, policy practitioners and civil society in our debates and collaborative research projects.


The contribution of EUFINACCO CRN to the Annual UACES Conference in London will be primarily oriented towards an edited volume on Financial Accountability in the European Union, to be submitted by early 2017. Please consider if your current research fits in any of the three strands below and structure your abstract in view of the 2016 UACES Annual Conference accordingly.

1.- Theories on financial accountability: theories, methods, multilevel governance, principal-agent theories, leadership, public ethics, …

2.- Actors. This strand will explore the specific contribution to EU financial accountability of the relevant bodies at the European and national level; e.g. the European Court of Auditors, the Commission, Ombudsman, European Parliament (notably CONT/COCOBU), OLAF, Supreme Audit Institutions, audited bodies at the EU and national level…

3.- Policy areas. This strand targets issues of practical implementation of financial accountability accross EU policies and/or in contexts of multilevel governance.

Save the day!

EUFINACCO plans to hold a workshop in Maastricht (TBC) on 5-7 May 2016 (TBC). We will circulate a call for papers in due course.

Also, if you happen to attend the ECPR Standing Group Conference in Trento (16-18 June 2016), feel free to drop by our EUFINACCO panel on “Financial Accountability for EU Cohesion Funding” (Panel no. 056).


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