The European Court of Auditors presents its Landscape Review

On 3 September 2014, Maria-Luisa Sanchez-Barrueco (Universidad de Deusto), Paul Stephenson (SciencesPo Paris/Maastricht University), Hartmut Aden (Berlin School of Economics and Law) and Jacques Sciberras (European Court of Auditors) presented four papers in their panel ‘Financial Accountability in the European Union: Building the Cathedral of EU Legitimacy?’ at the 44th UACES conference in Cork, Ireland.

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While these scholars had presented papers on the European Court of Auditors and other audit-related issues at previous UACES conferences, this was the first time that an official from the Court had taken part. Jacques Sciberras used the opportunity to present the recently completed Landscape Review, which addresses gaps, overlaps and challenges for the future, identified by the team at the European Court of Auditors.

The panel was also attended by the Irish Member of the Court, Kevin Cardiff, who has been responsible for the review, as well as researchers including Carol Harlow, Imelda Maher and Richard Rawlings. The review was subsequently presented to Martin Schulz at the European Parliament on 9 September and will be discussed in further depth at the EU Accountability Conference in Brussels on 14 October in Brussels. Read the review here.

By Paul Stephenson


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